All you need to know about an Upright Display Fridge

I wonder how would the products stored in fridge feel like or are meant to be treated. Cold, secure, dark, undisturbed- many of us wish for all this on a summer afternoon. We don’t need to store ourselves in these white cabinets. But yes, the perishable quotient of food products behaves in a manner that food establishments, large school kitchens, supermarkets and many such similar businesses need a type of equipment that would store cool and freeze ideal food products.  

In this blog, I have curated a complete guide for Upright fridges and freezers. After running your eyes over the blog, you will surely have a lot of clarity in dealing with many questions and doubts mushrooming in your head. Like which one, when, size, now or later, fuss-free maintenance, dealing with different designs and so on.

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Let’s get you rolling…

A fridge can display your neatly stacked inventory. Or the solid door ones can store your pre-prep ingredients that need to be used later. In both cases, the basic function of this appliance is to store, cool and maintain the temperature of the products kept inside. Just Imagine when you take the first gulp of a chilled beer! The moment it rolls down your throat and touches your gut, it gives you a soothing effect in the scorching heat. Thanks to the cooling cabinet that was storing it.

Fridges can be upright or horizontal. Both come with their set of benefits and use.

Come, dive into the world of an icepool….

I have a close family friend who runs a mobile catering service. The menu at his service requires to make a lot of preparations before he rolls out his yummylicious food to the customer. The other day I was reading the reviews of his catering service. Maximum of his customers appreciated the freshness and presentation quotient of his catering. This is one of the key factors to boost the food business. He owns and uses an upright fridge with a freezer which helps him to store his pre-preps and serve when needed. Likewise, he delivers food quick and fresh, completely prepared. He even gets time this way for presenting his menu items artistically. Delivering quality food at a good speed completely worth its value is what you strive to achieve once in the food business.

Pizza prep tables are multipurpose appliances where you get counter space to prepare delicious pizzas while you can store other ingredients used in different slots provided. Extremely convenient to use.

Suppliers of the upright fridge and/or freezer also advise their customers on size, floor space, frequency of use and many such factors while they plan their purchase. The sales team will educate you on single-door, double-door and triple door options (display and solid door). These heavy-duty beasts are available in swing door and slide door styles to ease work operations.

On the other hand, while on your visit to a supermarket, you will notice inventory stacked impressively in long upright cabinet style appliances that come with glass doors. Those are called display fridges. They are available in upright and horizontal variants. Usually, the display version showcases canned drinks, dairy products, ice and ice packs, bottled water and similar such products for selling it to the customer. They come in many colour combos and designs to attract sales. It is easy for the customer to access the inventory inside the fridge. The horizontal version is usually used for storage of perishable food items like frozen foods, meat, fish, cheese, etc. The horizontal version is available in display and solid door variants.

Do I need one?

See, it’s very simple. If you are into serving food to a large number of people, aspire to become a unique restauranter/baker or you manage a hospital kitchen, maybe a canteen in a school or university, you and your friends are ambitious about a food truck business or a corner café, upright fridge/freezer is a must.

In short, if you wish to enter the commercial-grade of food business, upright storage fridge/freezer will be your best representative. It is a show stopper in the arena of commercial kitchen equipment as it is heavily used.

Make sure you own a salad bar in your restaurant. It keeps your salad items fresh and free from germs and unneccesary contact. Your guests will love the crunch and cool feel while they enjoy your preparation with a variety of salad dressings stored in the salad bar.

I never knew it would save so much floor space and still be productive…

The best part about the upright version of the fridge or freezer is that they own very little floor space. You don’t need to expand the space of your commercial kitchen. They are designed as such they snuggle into the required space in the best fit. Experts have tailored them to store inventory and serve productive purposes while maintaining the cooling quotient. It is a compact cabinet with colourful options that even suit the surroundings. Be it your garage where a small cabinet can nest in a corner or your restaurant where you can store your prep food which does not require a display door- this piece of appliance knows how to fit and serve the purpose. 

Just follow these and your upright fridge and you will be happy for long…

Once you have this beast at your place, make sure it is regularly cleaned with extra efforts. It is extremely vital to clean and maintain to enhance its performance, maintain hygiene according to local standards and guidelines. Do clear off outdated food items. Keep a note of the following and you will be sorted:

  • Make sure that you create and maintain a weekly or fortnightly schedule of clean-up.
  • Make sure your staff adheres to the schedule
  • Always wear hand gloves and aprons while involved in cleaning work
  • Take note of areas which require rigorous cleaning to avoid contamination
  • You may spill while making your short trips to the fridge. Make sure spill areas are first made a little wet so that you can just wipe off and don’t have to scratch.
  • Empty the shelves of the fridge so that cleaning is effective.
  • Use detergents recommended for Commercial kitchen types of equipment.  
  • Wipe the interior of the fridge with a cloth and recommended detergent with water. Rinse with water and dry out with a clean cloth. Make sure your cloth is washed else it will leave a foul odour.
  • Disposable swabs are convenient to use. The washcloth needs to be washed and disinfected for reuse.
  • Once the cleaning procedure is completed, make sure you disinfect the entire surface so that your appliance is food-safe.
  • Clean off all the dirt from condenser and coils. Else it won’t cool as much as it should if this dirt is not cleaned. As a result, your food will be exposed to contamination and spoiling.
  • Provide handwashing facilities in your kitchen area so that your staff can maintain hygiene standards after cleaning.

Combos are the best deals

Upright fridges are also available with freezers. This means you can opt for an upright fridge/freezer if you wish to store and freeze your inventory all in one place. They come in separate door variants. These are best suited where you want to save space for a separate freezer so that free move around space is available for the staff. The combo not only saves space, but it also saves money. You can always look out for upright fridges on sale where you can crack good deals in the combo version.

How long do they last?

According to experts, upright fridges/freezers if well maintained can accompany you from 10-15 years. Yes, your investment is ideal when you choose such reliable commercial kitchen equipment.

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This quick summary will trigger you to take an instant decision about your upright fridge:

  • Save floor space. No need to extend or spent more valuable money in extending your kitchen space.
  • A lot of choices as it is available in a good range of varieties to cater to business needs as well as domestic requirements.
  • You can vouch for the capacity the upright fridges/freezers have. You can stack a very good amount of food inventory while you manage stock rotation.
  • Removable shelves so that cleaning and storing can be convenient.
  • No frost issues. Most of them are frost-free.
  • Hassle-free maintenance.
  • With high-quality wheels, it is easy to move this appliance and maintain floor hygiene.

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