8 Must-Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Every Industrial Kitchen

Your kitchen is the centrepiece of your restaurant. It is that unique place where your chefs strive to delight your customers and keep them returning by preparing a host of delicious meals. Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the integral parts of launching your food joint or similar food outlets. There are multiple items required in a workplace, including large appliances such as refrigeration items and ovens, to comparatively smaller ones like mixers and pans. Each product in your pantry plays a crucial role in satisfying your patrons by creating excellent lip-smacking dishes. It is therefore vital that your pantry is adequately stocked with everything it requires. However, limitless possibilities in the menu and hundreds of device choices mean that every restaurant and café setup cannot be similar. But several appliances in the kitchen are universally needed, and some of them have been mentioned below. 

Refrigerators Options – Freezers / Refrigerators 

The storage of consumable ingredients is crucial, so it is essential to have dependable and easily accessible refrigeration. Your equipment choice should be influenced by your particular kitchen requirements due to the presence of multiple variants and models ranging from the basic under the counter fridges to large, walk-in freezers. This product is an integral component of a food preparation workplace as one always needs storage to keep the food at a cold temperature irrespective of the menu varieties available.  

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Ovens and Stove Range 

Once you have all the right items in place, you will also require precise equipment for preparing food. An oven is a necessary addition in your food prep workplace if your menu includes items that require roasting, grilling or baking. Therefore, its presence is quite crucial in a commercial kitchen. Every chef requires an oven range to perform their day-to-day tasks. A pantry owner may think of many other products for cooking, such as panini presses and deep fryers. However, buying these products will depend on your menu and may not be relevant or necessary for your pantry instead of an oven or stove range. The importance of these appliances can be known from the fact that they are sold together as a single unit in many cases. If you wish to purchase this article, visit Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Sydney & Perth

Food Processors and Blenders 

When the time comes to bring the products out of storage, no cuisine preparation outlet should be without these dual appliances. A food processor is multipurpose and versatile, making it the deserving contender to earn its place as a necessity in the workplace. The various tasks performed by a processor are making the puree of vegetables and fruits, shredding meats and performing other crucial activities depending on multiple settings and blades. Likewise, a commercial mixer does much more than blending batter and dough and is also helpful in different aspects. In addition, it provides added control and flexibility through its assortment of sizes and attachments.

Single / Double Sink & Dishwashers 

Just preparing the food is not the sole purpose of commercial kitchen equipment and the process afterwards is equally essential. Washing all the dirty cookware, utensils, pots and pans after completing a satisfying and hearty meal is a crucial task. That is why you need the dishwashers and the single & double sinks. The dishwasher cleans and washes the bulk of small dishes, cutlery, and utensils in double-quick time. For other larger utensils, pans and pots, you can use the single and double sinks as they help organise & manage the rinsing, washing and cleaning tasks. 

Another essential thing to note is that one can use the sinks for purposes other than sanitising the appliances and utensils. Most central and state food service rules are clear about different sinks for delicacy prep and washing of hands. Therefore, while deciding the number of sinks your pantry requires, ensure consulting the local health codes. 

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Commercial Griddles 

Many restaurants and cafes have burgers, pancakes, sandwiches and other similar items on their menu that require the chef to switch on the commercial griddle to cook every food item perfectly in large quantities. These grills are available in multiple sizes and manufactured by leading industry names. If you are such a food outlet with a menu like the one mentioned above, do not waste any time buying this equipment, as this investment will be worth it when you notice the joy on the face of your customers. If your workplace requires this item, visit Simco, the top commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne

Commercial Char Grills 

It is a demanding and tricky task to achieve the smoking charred flavour without a barbeque. However, you don't have to worry a bit with the option of commercial char grills at your disposal. One can count this appliance as one of the essential and indispensable products in an industrial pantry, as no menu is complete with a variant of a dish having crispy golden skin and juicy insides. You can prepare delicious pieces of chicken and meat with a smokey and slightly burnt flavour with the help of these grills. Apart from chicken, you can also grill vegetables and even fruits like pineapples for your customer's appreciation. 

Bratt Pans 

If you have a Bratt pan in your workplace, you can effortlessly dish out top-quality, delicious food in large quantities without any hassles. You can prepare various dishes in the equipment, such as ready to shred boiled meat, caramelised onions, a large number of garnishes and sauce, stews and soups. This commercial kitchen equipment is available in two variants - an electric tilting pan and a gas tilting pan. These are also very cost-effective and available in various price ranges. 

Commercial Mixers 

These mixers are another crucial part of your pantry. These are not your typical hand mixers but can perform multiple tasks such as preparing the dough, whipping up cream, creating baked items like bread & pizzas and mixing cake batter. These mixers help you swiftly complete the food preparation process and give perfect mixtures to go straight into the oven or proofing drawer, whether you are planning to prepare a dessert item or a delicious main course dish. 

Even if you have the required knowledge of the crucial elements of a kitchen appliance, it isn't easy to pick the specific variants and models for your restaurant and café. The equipment mentioned above will ease the challenge to a considerable degree. If you still can't decide, you can always ask your staff and chef to provide an idea, as a cook profoundly knows about your pantry and the needed items. You can also visit the website of Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Brisbane

Apart from all the above products, a kitchen should have an Exhaust Hood Canopy to expel the smoke and odour of the kitchen outside. Visit the webpage of Simco now to check our collection.