7 Tips to refurbish your commercial kitchen enterprise

There is no doubt that you have to be at your best from the start while conducting any business and running any venture. However, when it comes to hospitality & catering segments, your best need to be a few notches higher. A guest prefers a commercial restaurant for two primary reasons – eating tempting meals and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere. But suppose you cannot garner sufficient profits and run your organisation even after top-notch service and world-class catering. In that case, it is time to refurbish your food establishment and make significant changes. One of the changes you have to make is to buy premium commercial kitchen equipment. However, it is not necessary to only remodel the place if you incur losses. Even if your business is doing well, you should do the refurbishing work from time to time to keep up with the fast-evolving times. In addition, your products also need the periodical facelift to be well-maintained and sparkling. Many studies reveal that you can attract more customers to your restaurant through remodelling than paid promotions.

Changing the look of your catering places like restaurants and café is a big step. Your customer could better base their opinion on your interiors and proposed menu by observing your transformed area of operation. A restaurant has an opportunity to provide a first impression in front of the customers through their location’s exterior and interior parts. Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind that changing a setup is time-taking & costly, and a proper plan is needed to fulfil all the related objectives. So, if you are thinking about remodelling your place, this blog will provide seven tips to kitchen owners to renovate & remodel their establishment.

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Come with a Creative & Detailed Plan

The first step while remodelling your kitchen is to make a detailed & comprehensive plan to do the task efficiently. Study the steady growth & development of your contemporaries in similar businesses and notice how they used the process of renovation & purchasing commercial catering equipment to reach their desired goals expertly. You can also take your staff’s suggestion and ask your customers to help you out by providing recommendations through participation in contests & giveaways.

In addition, you can also ask for help from a professional organisation or a management specialist in a segment like Simco. Once you study the relevant details, ensure foolproof strategising, and it would take no time for the consumers to accept the transformation fully. Another critical point of consideration is to ensure that you do not forget your core values, image and what your place stands for while refurbishing the establishment. It would help if you did not finalise any changes without thinking about your target audience, idea, brand image, and format.

Match the Theme with Location Atmosphere & Settings

The food & hospitality industry segment has intense competition among various stakeholders in today’s scenario. Therefore, kitchen owners need to be ahead of the competitors by ensuring that their vision and functional specialisation complement the restaurant’s theme. For instance, if you wish to open a Mexican cuisine food establishment in a place, you must ensure that the interior decors and music must match the Mexican locale. If you set up the restaurant in a way that is not matching the theme & overall design, the customers would not come and look for other alternatives. However, users could relate to the theme if you put souvenirs & images related to Mexican culture and people in your dining place. You can get related tools at Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.


Determine the Potential Cost to be Incurred on Remodelling

Setting a prospective budget limit is the next step in the catering organisation remodelling checklist. It is frequently observed that the projected expenditure always shoots up and eventually exceed the actual costs by a significant margin once you start renovation on the project. Your profit sources get severely impacted through such expenses. Therefore, it is essential for every kitchen owner wishing to transform their kitchen to consider coming up with a realistic budget immediately. You could also use professional interference if you didn’t calculate the costs yourself.

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Select the Right Architect & Developer for the Project

Many elements in a food preparation establishment need specific care & handling. Such components include lighting, water facilities, commercial kitchen equipment, heating, wiring, air conditioning, painting, ventilation systems and parking, to name a few. Hence, it would help if you began searching for architects and designers with specialised experience in similar projects. Do not forget to ask for references from the establishments to whom the developers provide their service. In addition, check their web reviews & testimonials and cross-check their work quality by visiting other websites designed by them.

Deal First with the Serious Issues

Sometimes during the renovation process, the kitchen owner may get unduly impacted by the aesthetic magnificence and outward glitter of the used materials. This obsession with beauty leads to them entirely ignoring the other essential aspect of running a restaurant – ensuring consumer satisfaction. Therefore, the kitchen staff is advised to prioritise the critical issues and move on to other elements once the said issue is resolved. For instance, ensure attending first to problems like a non-working kitchen hood, malfunctioning cooktop & leaking basin, and go on to other beautifications later.

Find Out About the Current Trends in the Market

Finding out and garnering information about the top, latest and relevant trends for your business is another crucial consideration while refurbishing your restaurant. If significant time has elapsed since your previous remodelling assignment, it would not be enough to change a few attributes of the place, and you may have to redo the décor all over again. Find out what are the latest developments in the industry. Once you are familiar with the trends, design a renovation strategy that puts you miles ahead of your nearest competitor. You can still add the modern-day facilities and technologies in your project even if you have a typical family food business. You can browse handy offerings at the website of Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Brisbane & Perth.


Ensure High-Quality Promotional Activities

You have spent many hours & days transforming your area of operation into an attractive & efficient place. Now is the time to tell the world about your improved location by advertising and promoting your establishment. Therefore, you must advertise your restaurant as the newly renovated place with the latest attributes and facilities to attract customers. Spread the word with the assistance of your social media profiles and premium advertising campaigns, such as sending SMS and emails to your curated customer list. You can also make the announcement by creating innovative social media campaigns or conducting contests or giveaways. You can take the help of your restaurant management software to achieve this objective.

According to multiple surveys, restaurants that have undergone recent rebuilding & remodelling with the help of commercial catering equipment have seen a boost of almost 10-20% in their sales. Once you set the specific purposes & goals and hire the right people to provide you assistance, you will be ready to garner the advantages of your restaurant’s renovation.

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