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6 Commercial Catering Trends of 2020

Commercial catering is taking the center stage in the food and hospitality industry over time. The unmatched flexibility and efficiency offered by commercial catering make it ideal for creating the perfect platform to communicate, socialize, and most importantly to do business. If you are running a commercial catering business, you are already aware of the importance of proper commercial kitchen equipment, and the new trends - certainly stress more on that. So, it’s time to get yourself equipped with the best catering equipment arsenal and get into business to reap maximum revenue.

Without going into any much ado, let’s cut to the chase and quickly check out the 6 commercial catering trends of 2020.

1. Health is Wealth

In this century, people have finally started to take this old proverb in its true sense. People are now more health conscious than ever, which makes them picky in their diet choices. So, whatever you are catering, make sure that it is healthy and people are not put off by the ‘subdued calorie value’ of the menus.

It’s time to serve dishes that are both tasty and healthy as even most of the ‘food lovers’ are not anymore ready to compromise on health, just to satisfy their taste buds. For serving healthy cuisine, healthy cooking practices are essential and the right commercial kitchen appliances are what you need for that.    

Changing your basic cooking ingredients, like the cooking oils, butters, and thickeners, can be highly helpful to make the dishes healthier without losing on the taste factor.

2. Bank on Plants

Well, it’s not about photosynthesis and sustaining life on earth but about sustaining and flourishing your catering business and interestingly, plants have a lot to do in that too.

How? Let me clear the doubt.

According to the latest researches, in Australia, 2.5 million people, which is 12.1% of the total population of Australia are eating all or almost all vegetarian foods.    

Now, you are getting there. One of the most prominent catering trends of 2020 is about serving tasty, spicy, and savory vegetarian dishes. If your servings are meat-focused, it’s high time to change and stress on vegetarian cuisines.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to veggies, you just need to focus on lip-smacking unique veg cuisines and make it your specialty to ride the tide. For making this transformation, visit the best commercial kitchen supplier Sydney and ensure that your business is equipped with the right appliances.

3. Go Local – Go Fresh

Keep in mind, your customers are growing conscious about not only their health but also about their food. So, from where the item has been sourced is now an important factor to them. Going local is the trend which is here to stay.

So, plan your menu keeping this aspect in mind. Source most of your ingredients from the locality around and highlight this ‘local’ aspect while servings to score high. Going local also has ample benefits for your own business. It will reduce the cost and hassle of collecting raw materials and will make your dishes naturally testier and healthier.

However, you need the right appliances to store the locally grown ingredients items as local produce is mostly available without preservatives, which is also the key to their fresh taste. So, if you do not own the best appliances, it’s time to visit the commercial kitchen equipment supplier.    

4. Encash the Theme

Themed events and parties are becoming the hot-trend in hospitality. So, how can you miss out on that? If the event has been organized in a special location – like a beach or themed garden, decide your menu according to the air of the place.

The food preferences of people often change depending on the place they are in, giving you the scope to serve dishes that are most likely to win them all at one go. Destination specific food is coming up as a huge trend. Arranging small talks and sessions surrounding the dishes served can work magically to impress your guests.

Give them an idea about what they are eating and how that relates to the theme or place they are in. This is a simple way not only to impress your guests but also to stay at the top of their minds by adding something unique and meaningful to their food experience.     

5. Food Entertainment

Food entertainment is the other catering trend that is here to stay. The cooking process, how it is being prepared can be a great way of entertainment for your guests.

Do you know how many people simply watch Cooking videos on YouTube? A simple statistic will give you some ideas. TASTY, one of the most popular Cooking YouTube channel has over 8.9 million subscribers. People love to watch how the dishes are being prepared and when it is prepared and served in front of them, it certainly makes a better impact.

You might not prefer to prepare the dishes from scratch in front of your guests but the final stages can be presented out in front of your guests to make them more involved with the food. However, you will need special and presentable kitchen items for that and the commercial kitchen supplier can help you to make all the arrangements in place.     

6. Customization is the Key

Food customization is the other trend you cannot afford to miss. As people are becoming choosy about what they eat, giving them the option to customize their dishes as per their own preferences, is surely going to make a difference.     

When it comes to eating habits, every person has their own likings, and giving them the scope to dictate the ingredients and a few other simpler aspects of their food is a great way to make sure that your guests love what they eat.

It also gives your guests a feel of ‘being in control of what they eat’, which can be the game changer in the total experience.

So, now you know the 6 hot commercial catering trends of 2020 and you can implement them in your business to reap the best benefits. For any assistance regarding kitchen equipment, you can directly get in touch with the top commercial catering equipment supplier Sydney.

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