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10 Useful Tips to Setup your Perfect Commercial Kitchen

Restaurant managers and owners may have plenty of tasks to get executed. These tasks may include decoration of space, buying new and essential commercial kitchen equipment and many others. To run your kitchen efficiently you have to follow certain steps and through this blog post, we are going to discuss some tips to set up your commercial kitchen effectively.

Effective Tips to Setup Commercial Kitchen

Experienced restaurant owners and chefs know that a well-equipped and perfectly set up is the key to the success of any restaurant. When the customers get satisfied with well-cooked, delicious and clean food from your kitchen then they get satisfied.

Streamline Kitchen Menu

To impress your guests with unique dishes there should be a perfect menu. You may not always have skilled staff to cook the desired dishes by using the right ingredients. Try to be more streamlined and practical while preparing the menu. You should try to put only those dishes that can be handled by your staff perfectly. Choose only those recipes that match your budget and ingredients. Along with food preparation, you should also focus on its presentation. You should also buy food prep equipment.

Stock the Kitchen Efficiently

When you plan your kitchen perfectly, now you should think about stocking it up efficiently. For this, you may need to buy industrial-grade equipment. They will help you to handle the busy hours of your kitchen. However, only buying the items may not be sufficient also be ready to maintain those as they will be depreciated with time. You can buy the items as per your budget and the space available. Commercial benchtop catering equipment can help you in operating the kitchen efficiently.

Ensure Safety Measures

Kitchen safety should be your top priority. Make sure that all the staff is properly trained to operate the equipment. This means they should be familiar with the instructions to handle the equipment. Protective gears may also be required to make your premises safe. You can have your safety action plan ready to handle any accidental situation. All employees and staff should know what they have to do in an emergency.

An Efficient Inventory System

Your kitchen inventory is the key aspect of your restaurant business. Inventory should always be monitored properly stocked. Maintaining proper inventory can avoid any embarrassing situation. There should be a proper system to remind you about your inventory status. Apart from informing any out of the stock item, there should also be some way to inform you about any overstock item as well.

Your inventory should be able to get adjusted as per your business requirements. In case if your demand goes up then the inventory should be adjusted as per that and for low demands, the inventory management should be executed accordingly.

Setup a Specific Workstation

To avoid any bottleneck while working in the kitchen there should be proper workspaces caved out for various duties of the staff. There should also be separate inventories for the indoor food items and finished meals. For smaller kitchen size this may not be feasible but try to find out the best way to execute the tasks perfectly.

The created work stations should also be evaluated by the chefs as they may need everything to be placed properly. Like they may like to place the refrigerators and sink near to the workspace. So, the layout should be planned and managed accordingly, and you can also use the equipment supplied by the commercial kitchen equipment supplier.

Dry Area for Storage

Restaurants can arrange their supplies with their commercial shelves and try to keep their products organized and well-managed. There should be a dry storage area either to store anything in bulk or home appliances. The storage units should be mounted or arranged in a dry environment. You can also use wall-mounted shelves and shelves with steel legs. These shelves are more durable and can be best suited for restaurants and libraries.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators are also essential for the essential kitchen. The commercial restaurant includes ice machines, walk-in freezers and coolers, display refrigerators and many more. Some refrigeration can also be space-saving like the use of under-counter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators and under-counter freezers can also save space.

Cleaning Supplies for Restaurants

Cleaning supplies for restaurants include griddle screen scour pads, oven brushes, detergent and scrubbers. Health departments always recommend a quaternary ammonium sanitiser from a health perspective. However, for the flat surfaces or tops and griddles or fryers degreasers may be required.

Delimer can be used to remove lime or calcium buildup. Moreover, to clean the kitchen tops there should be kept a proper ratio of water and bleach. A versatile and easy to maintain Splashback can add a decorative touch to your commercial space and keep it clean.

Thick and adjustable stainless-steel disk feet Splashback can excel even the toughest commercial kitchen. It can be a perfect fit to protect your tiles and surface and the areas that are filled with water.

          Exhaust Hood

An exhaust hood is an essential piece of equipment for the commercial kitchen. To prevent evaporations and avoid spice, oil sticking on the walls, furniture and ceiling exhaust are required for the commercial kitchen. An exhaust fan can release the fumes outside of the kitchen sometimes through the chimney. These products can keep the kitchen purely clean and tidy. These days the exhaust hood canopies are equipped with auto-cleaning feature and lights that can reduce manual maintenance and cost.

Final Thoughts!

None of these steps can be avoided if someone thinks about setting up his commercial kitchen. However, you can plan and set up the gradually. You can make your customer and staff happy by providing them with well-managed and clean work and service area. By keeping your kitchen clean and well-managed you can easily make your customer happy. Commercial kitchen equipment can be an add-on and make the workspace staff-friendly.

  • commercial kitchen equipment   What is a commercial kitchen equipment?
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment is heavy-duty kitchen appliances that is designed to withstand repeated tasks of food preparation procedures. This equipage is most suitable when bulk food orders need to be produced. This equipment could be a gas cooktop, planetary mixer or a refrigerator.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier melbourne   Is a commercial kitchen equipment different from the ones I use in my home kitchen?
  • Yes for sure! The domestic appliances are designed to function at a frequency that is quite low as compared to commercial ones. A domestic cooking/refrigeration unit has a low output according to the number of family members or guests which is occasional. You can not replace commercial catering equipment with domestic ones to run a food business.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier   How will I know which equipment suit my requirement?
  • You will have to identify your type of catering business according to your choice of menu items. For instance, if your menu items have more bakeries, then you will have to invest in a planetary mixer, gas stove with oven and refrigerated glass displays. But if your menu items have Italian dishes like pizzas and portions of pasta, you will need a pizza prep table along with prep fridges. You will also have to measure the floor space of your cookhouse so that you purchase the equipage that fits perfectly. Our Simco team guides and coaches you about all the details when you reach us for inquiry at
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