Your industrial kitchen exhaust hood canopy works almost continuously day to night to assist in eliminating grease, soot and smoke, as well as hot, polluted air and odours that are generated by commercial ranges, ovens, cooking equipment, fryers, and other appliances. So, your restaurant ventilation system needs to be regularly cleaned and well-maintained to keep your establishment secure and ensure its smooth and uninterrupted operations in the long run.

Whether you are a pantry owner maintaining your vent hood or working as a professional hood cleaner, the effective commercial kitchen canopy cleaning accessories described in this blog are a must-have. They are the favourites of most kitchen owners and other establishments owning this device. These products will not only enable you to be more efficient, but they will also help the titular appliances perform well in the long run. However, we will first go over a few things about why you should clean your exhaust system and canopy and the motivation behind it.

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What are the Reasons to Clean your Titular Exhaust Device?

The kitchen exhaust system of your restaurant regularly encounters a high volume of smoke, grease and soot. This grime, oil and dirt steadily accumulate in your system and must be removed to keep your system in good working order and reduce the danger of fire in your range offering. We have provided some of the benefits of keeping your industrial kitchen exhaust mechanism clean. For further clarity, visit Simco – the leading exhaust hood canopy supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.

  • Boosts airflow
  • Decreases the fire-related dangers
  • Eliminates the danger of grease-specific fall and slip mishaps
  • Boosts and increases your establishment's overall hygiene standards
  • It helps save considerable capital as the equipment works for a long time, eliminates the danger of fire and enables efficient working.
  • It helps you adhere to multiple ordinances and guidelines, such as NFPA 96
  • The exhaust system runs more quietly.

Cleaning Accessories to Maintain your Product

Plastic Sheeting

Before starting to wash your hood system, you must protect the components of your pantry that you are not actively going to be tending from overspray by requiring to cover them. You're setting yourself up without plastic sheeting for an even larger clean-up job. In addition, it also covers other electronic kitchen equipment that may be located near the exhaust hood canopy for sale, such as monitors or printers. For the best protection, ensure using plastic sheeting of 3mil to 4mil. In addition, transfer the runoff flow into a container, such as a bucket. Once done, secure the plastic on both your hood and the container. This process will protect your flooring, keep grease out of your floor drains, and help ensure you can responsibly dispose of the grease-contaminated wastewater.


One of the efficient methods to get all the aforementioned plastic sheeting to stay at the location you need it is GRIPLOC magnets. One needs to remember that these aren't just any random magnets. They have 200 times the pulling power of regular magnets and constitute almost 75 lbs of pull force each. You can use them to dangle plastic sheeting from drop awning grids, used to cover and fasten plastic sheeting to safeguard cooking equipment and many other uses.

GRIPLOC Magnets were explicitly created for exhaust hood canopy cleaners by a canopy cleaner, and they are designed to last long. While regular magnets can break and crack with everyday use due to their brittle nature, GRIPLOC Magnets are encased with industrial aluminium to protect them from damage. An added benefit of the aluminium is that it gives you leverage for easy handling when you remove the magnets. Suppose you want to connect your electrets to a non-magnetic material like ferritic stainless steel or aluminium. In that case, the specific ones mentioned here are strong enough to pull through stainless steel when used in pairs.

High-Pressure Hose

Pressure washing your exhaust fan and hood is a vital part of cleaning your commercial kitchen premium appliance. But if you want to maximise the abilities of your power washing equipment, you have to have an excellent high-pressure hose. Many things can affect the quality of a high-pressure hose, from fittings and valves to bend stoppers and even the substances employed for the inner core. You should also note how the hose possesses many high-tensile steel wire reinforcement layers. Another attribute to think about is the external wrapping or covering of the hose. Verify a few things, such as whether the material is moulded vinyl, whether the wrapping is co-forced out and whether it will be robust enough to survive intense usage and contact with harmful chemicals. One also needs to check the hose's temperature and psi pressure ratings.

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You'll want to use a lance for hard-to-reach areas and allow for spraying at odd angles while pressure washing your premium commercial kitchen device. With features like hardened steel, quick connect inlet plug, and high-quality quick coupler, the selection of lances available in the market is a highly recommended hood maintenance supplement, and downstream soap injectors help it perform well. You can also use a simple side handle valve turn to modify the PSI from high to low. In addition, the customer favourite in the market is the 18″ Flex Lance due to its capability to flex a full 180º and then return. You can contact Simco – the foremost exhaust hood canopy supplier in Brisbane & Perth – for more information.