When you perform the cleaning procedure on a gas char grill, it ensures that one of the most cherished traditions of gathering together with friends & family in the garden or backyard to enjoy the weather and delicious barbequed cuisines can be continuously celebrated. If you have not taken care of your griddle in a long time, the treats emerging from the device won’t taste the same. Amassed debris & food particles can get stuck in the grates, resulting in flare-ups and can also contribute to grease fires.

If you want to enjoy delicious meals on the equipment, performing a comprehensive cleaning half-yearly or yearly is a recommended practice. You can commence the cleaning while preparing for the barbequing season or before storing your gear for the winter. We have written about a few steps below that will tell you how to clean this premium appliance and assist in boosting its life to ensure that you enjoy barbequed meals for a long time.

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Steps to Clean your Device

  1. Mix Water in Two Large Containers and Mix with Soap

If you have not adequately cleaned your grill equipment for a long time, commence the process by taking two large containers and filling them with hot water mixed with soap. Your best option in this scenario is dish detergent since it complements metal products nicely, but you can enable additional washing activities by adding some baking soda. Unlike charcoal or charcoal kamado griddles, when one is trying to clear a propane griddle efficiently, it’s essential to consider the security and safeguarding of gas connections. Always ensure that the propane tank valve is closed. Though everyone must be aware of it, always commence clearing the gas grill only when the appliance is cool enough to touch. In addition, ideally, try to perform this procedure on a day when the device has not been used. Most importantly, stay safe from deadly burns while maintaining your product; otherwise, you have to face difficulties preparing food on the equipment. For more information, visit Simco – the leading commercial char grill supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.


  1. Soak the Grillet Grates in the Water after Taking them Out

The next step is dipping the grates in the water after their removal. Ensure that you keep the grates soaked for almost an hour. In addition, take out any other detachable parts and put them aside for the time being, such as the heat shields and drip pan.

  1. Remove All the Accumulated Debris & Soot from the Grill's Internal Parts

Take care not to push any of the connections of the gas char grill rock to the propane tank. Clear out loose debris and ash from the internal part of the machine with the help of a rag. Once done, return to your scheduled duty with a wire-bristle brush to scrub off any caked-on char, grease, and other residues. Clear out as much dirt as possible from the grille's interior.

  1. Clean Components of the Product, Such as Heat Shields

Most titular products have deflectors or heat shields to help allocate heat within the appliance. Scrub off any residue by trying a degreaser for the item and carefully follow directions for the package. Use a wire brush to clean ceramic briquettes and profusely wipe them. Don't try to spray the degreaser on the aforementioned ceramic briquettes. Lava rocks are tough to clean due to their porous nature, and you can keep your grill fresh by trying to replace them with ceramic variants. Discard debris from the grill's drip tray and use soap & water to wash it.

  1. Scrub away Greasy Residue on the Soaked Grates with a Brush.

Check on the grates you've submerged in soapy and hot water. The scum should have started falling away after loosening, but you'll probably have to clean the grates using some elbow grease. You may have to get rid of the greasy residue by using a combination of rags and brushes. Wire brushes work best on metal but can make dents on items made of porcelain. Therefore, it will be best not to use a metal brush while cleaning stainless steel or porcelain items and instead select a nylon brush.

When one considers charcoal and gas variants, most of us think that we have to work harder to clean gas griddles. However, you don't have to do the dirtiest job of them all - regularly dumping the ashes. You will eventually get the desired results with a concentrated effort at clearing the gas griddles. Let everything dry properly when your work is finished. Visit Simco – the foremost commercial gas char grill supplier in Brisbane & Perth.

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  1. Assemble all the Parts and Check the Burners

The final step is to put all the device components back in place after correctly assembling them once these parts are completely dry. The next task is to open the propane tank valve and check the working condition of the burners by turning them on. In addition, check whether the heat shields are appropriately positioned. Consider the job well done when you've adequately verified that the gas char grill is in satisfactory working condition. Now, you can use the appliance to your heart's content to prepare delicious items and serve them to customers.