Stainless Steel Sink

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Types of Stainless Steel Sinks

Sink with Single Bowl

There are multiple versions of the basin. However, commercial kitchens mostly prefer single bowl variants, as they are compact, cost-effective and durable. You can check out this alternative at various dealers and distributors who have the stock of this product with them.

Twin Bowls with Different Dimensions

The hospitality establishment owners can also go for a twin bowl model, apart from the aforementioned variant. This variant has one large container for cleaning the plates and one small vessel for food arrangement.

Twin Bowls with the Same Dimension

The twin bowl variation is another accepted kind of basin model. If your establishment is facing problems cleaning the dishes, this variant is perfect for you as you can wipe and scrub detergent on the plates on one side and wash them out on the other. You can find all the mentioned above variants at Simco – the leading stainless steel sink suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in Melbourne.

How to Clean the Steel Sinks?

  • Use a soft abrasive cleaning agent to merge an easy regular practice with weekly sanitisation. You can use any commercial cleaning agent for this product. In addition, it is recommended to use any other standard household cleaner. Ensure using hot water, clean clothes or sponges with these chemicals.
  • Always ensure rubbing in the path of the polish lines so that your actions blend with your item surface.
  • Since most soaps and detergents contain chlorides, rinse the stainless steel sinks surface immediately to prevent corrosion once cleaning is complete. Washing in clean hot water leaves the appliance shiny, germ-free, and ready for subsequent usage.
  • Try to avoid regular carbon steel brushes or steel wool, as left behind iron particles can result in rust and corrosion.
  • It is also recommended to wipe the surface thoroughly with sanitised and dry clothes so that the water does not leave ugly spots by evaporating. Evade the use of oily rags or greasy cloths when wiping the surface. Try to frequently dry your basin, as it works wonders to prevent water and surface corrosion marks.
  • You can easily make your basin sparkle with club soda. Once you put the stopper in your basin, pour some club soda into the equipment and wipe it with a soft fabric. As mentioned earlier, use a soft cloth to avoid corrosion & spots made from water.
  • You can effectively use baking soda to clean your commercial kitchen sink. The product is coarse enough to wipe away light hard liquid deposits, stubborn food ingredients and grease. However, it is not so rough to damage shiny fixtures of this offering like faucets. Ensure taking care of your sink with a water mixture and baking soda. Once done, you can rinse the basin with vinegar, which will bubble and fizz. The vinegar is a natural disinfectant and effectively eliminates hard water splotches from your premium & high-quality basin. This item is readily available at Simco, the leading stainless steel sink suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in Sydney.
  • You can efficiently integrate an additional amount of shine once your product is clean and dry. Put some drops of olive oil into a lint-free fabric to polish the item and fixture until they sparkle.

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Features of the Multipurpose Sink

Affordable & Cost-Effective – From high-end to very affordable, stainless models are suitable for every need.

Continuously Improved Variants – New technology allows these multipurpose basins to improve and upgrade. The newer 16 and 18-gauge basins are robust, thicker and generate much less sound than their less-expensive predecessors.

Made with High-Quality Robust Material – Stainless steel sink for sale are considered durable and serve a company for a long time. This material is perfect for sinks and other applications as it won't chip, crack, fade, or stain. The product is the best choice for years of optimal performance and continued high-quality good looks.

Provides Larger Vessel Capacity – This substance's relatively light yet strong properties allow it to form into more extensive and bottomless bowls than cast iron or any other material.

Easy to Clean & Maintain – This product is easy to take care of and is unaffected by household chemicals. When cleaned with a regular cleaner and soft fabric, it retains the original lustre. It is considered an appropriate material for basins to be installed in various establishments, such as basins for kitchen, washroom, laundry and any other creation and residential installation.

Rust & Corrosion-Proof – The material provides a beautiful glow and is naturally saves your product from damaging corrosion. This appliance has multiple finishes available in the market ranging from a mirror-like shine to a satin lustre.

Boasts of Shock-Absorbant Qualities – Another feature of the stainless steel sink commercial is that it provides a cushion against any accidental shock or impact to protect delicate items like fine china, regular glassware, crystal and ceramic dishes against unexpected breakage.

Improves the Texture & Aesthetics of the Room – Interior decorators vouch for the quality these beautiful basins and appliances can provide to the room by enhancing its textural details and offering attractive finishing. The material is such that it assimilates effortlessly in any surrounding and pattern through its beautiful texture and clear lines. The aesthetically pleasing look of stainless steel will enhance your décor long after trendy colours go out of style.

Recyclable & Environment-Friendly – Stainless steel is a recyclable material. In addition, the material doesn't devalue or lose any of its attributes in the recycling process making stainless steel sinks an excellent environment-friendly alternative. With a solid commitment to Green Awareness, Just Manufacturing utilises salvaged, raw stainless steel in our Made in USA production processes.

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Stainless Steel Sinks Specifications

  • Made of SS304 grade stainless steel
  • Available in varied bowl sizes & depth
  • Available with glossy finish
  • Top & Undermount modes of installation are available

Where are the Sinks used?

Stainless steel sinks are very crucial for every establishment across all sectors. They provide high hospitality value and are practically the driving force behind most kitchens. These are the best if you plan to open a hotel/restaurant or even organise your kitchen to set up a workplace. The following are the list of the locations where these appliances are essential:


The basins made of steel play a significant role in hospitals. It is a fact that every pantry becomes a better one with the help of the right equipment and organisation. It not only reduces your work pressure but also assists in maintaining maintain dishes hygienically and adequately.

Hotels & Restaurants

Apart from hospitals, these sinks are also integral in working in almost all restaurants and hotels. They can handle multiple utensils at once and are specifically designed to operate efficiently. Having this product in your kitchen backend lets you make the process fast when required and keeps your employees motivated.


This item is also a crucial component of all cafe kitchens. Cafes have a standing for providing customers with swift orders, and you can only keep up this pace with the most suitable cleaning equipment in the kitchen. You can contact Simco, the top stainless steel sink suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in Brisbane.


One of the most demanding tasks to complete for an individual is the household work on offer. If you have a large family, there will be no shortage of dishes to be cleaned up over the course of several meals. This part is where Simco’s stainless steel sinks can make your life much easier and help you clear that clutter.


Another worthy use of the steel basins can be done in laboratories. You can easily wash and sanitise instruments like syringes, tubes, bottles, and other medical equipment with the help of stainless steel sinks for sale.

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Why choose Simco?

At our organisation, we immensely value the trust placed by our customers and try to impart reliability in our products. That is why we guarantee that all our products are CE certified and fulfil the market's ecological and standard norms. After all, quality is paramount to us, and there is nothing more crucial.

There are multiple reasons why you should select our company to bring the products to your kitchen today. We have provided a few of the most important ones in the following lines:

Assured Warranty - The stainless steel sinks we deliver are not just straightforward delivery but also a stamp of quality! This is why we give up to 2 years warranty on all our offerings and make sure that we complement our customers' trust.

Product Creation After Comprehensive Research - A lot of research goes behind our products. Our organisation is constantly on the lookout to discern what we can do better, which is why our products are the best in business.

Products for Everyone's Need - One of the first things that you'll notice on our website is a wide assortment of appliances to select from in each category. We provided multiple choices because we understand that everyone needs a product designed to their needs and our options allow you to do just that. To browse the selections, visit Simco, the leading stainless steel sink suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in Perth.

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Our Brands

We have a fruitful partnership with many brands, and we are proud to stand tall with them at every given opportunity. We have the best of the brands at your disposal for multiple requirements like:

  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We have been at your service for a long time with these brands, and we intend to serve you for years to come. We strive for continued excellence, and our undying passion for getting better is what makes us unique.

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