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Every kitchen staff will vouch for the fact that a well-maintained and organised kitchen helps the organisation to run efficiently. It is crucial to keep the pantry well-organised and managed in the commercial food and hospitality services where the serving time plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. In addition to being efficient, and organised kitchen is also easy to navigate, leading to effortless work commencement. Stainless steel shelves play a significant role when it comes to providing the workspace with an aesthetically pleasing sense. Implementing and using proper shelving solutions is an easy way to keep your kitchen space organised. However, adequate shelving is always the key.
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Types of Premium Shelves
Wall-Mounted & Over Shelves – Commercial shelving is one of the essential components of a business, and wall-mounted and over shelves are a premium variant. These industrial-grade storage units are mounted on the walls and help in effectively utilising the unused space of the walls to provide additional storage. One of the features of these units is that they are long-lasting & durable and can perform strenuous activities due to their sturdy build. You can use this product in multiple commercial & industrial spaces such as restaurants and libraries, among others.
Undershelves & Leg Bracing – These variants of stainless steel shelves commercial are used in many commercial kitchens. They offer effortless storage of smaller equipment or food storage containers by providing the owner with extra space. On the other hand, leg bracings help immobilise a joint, stop any motion in a particular direction, and reduce the products' impact with significant weight. Undershelves and Leg Bracing can also be used by the chefs as a location to keep diced meat or batter that need to be used after some time while offering support to the table and chair legs and preventing them from wobbling.
Features of Stainless Steel Shelves
Solid & Easy to Maintain – The premium shelves are designed with the help of high-quality substances, which is robust and hygienic. You'll find it easy to clean your stainless steel cupboards and maintain cleanliness to the highest hygiene standards possible. Our easy-to-clean high-quality elite cupboards are essential storage items in professional kitchens that produce foods to the most perfecting standards. In addition, the welded corners, profile panelling and reinforced steel make these cupboards solid and durable.
Adjustable & Flexible Alternatives - The flexible alternatives on these stainless steel cabinets offer you a variety of choices. You can choose multiple options from our catalogue to quickly see the shelf's contents. The stainless steel option helps preserve the clean, hygienic lines of the kitchen. Each cabinet features an adjustable middle shelf that can be fitted at various height levels, so your cupboards are customised to suit your needs. You can get this product by visiting Simco – the leading stainless steel shelves distributors & manufacturers in Sydney & Melbourne.
A Versatile Option – A correctly selected premium wall shelf can serve well in a professional kitchen and harmoniously complement any pantry interior. And all thanks to the fact that its silvery-grey colour is perfectly combined with any other colours and shades.
Safe to Use – Stainless steel items do not produce harmful substances and smell in the environment during their functioning and are fully secure due to their high-tech design and use of top-notch materials for manufacturing. This feature means that such structures are safe for human life and health.
Easy to Clean and Use – Apart from all the mentioned above features, one of the stainless steel shelves’ benefits is that it is easy to use and clean. All you need to make your shelves last longer is to clean the food and liquid wastes frequently with the help of mild chemicals.
What are the Cleaning & Maintenance Practices for this Product?
We have a supremely trustworthy and long-lasting range of offerings in this segment. However, any appliance requires frequent cleaning and periodical maintenance to sustain itself. We have offered some points for cleaning and maintenance below that are likely to come in handy:
  • Prevent rusting by keeping the shelf in a dry surrounding. If it gets wet by any chance, ensure to clean the water as soon as possible.
  • Clean the surface using a premium disinfectant to ensure the surface is secure for food processing.
  • You can wipe any debris, spills, or splotches using water and a clean fabric.
  • Always use a mild detergent and soft, warm water for keeping the stainless steel shelf shiny and sparkling. You can also clean tougher stains and other contaminants using this process.
  • Eliminate any moisture on the surface of the rack by taking appropriate measures.
  • The primary locations where the chance of corrosion is high are the fasteners like nuts and bolts. Therefore, ensure that the fasteners are tightly screwed.
  • Remove finger stains by using the glass cleaner.
  • Once you wipe the water splotches, make sure to towel dry the area.
  • Do not employ cleaning chemicals or sprays that contain bleach while cleaning, as they will create marks and ruin the racks.
  • You can remove the stains by using a regular cleaner. 
  • Try to avoid using brushes made of the titular material for cleaning, making the surface vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Always clean towards the grain to prevent leaking streaks.
  • Please do not employ harsh cleaners as they will damage the surface.
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Specifications of the Stainless Steel Racks
Wall-Mounted & Over Shelves
  • Ready to assemble stainless steel shelves that are available with fitting.
  • The unit is sent in just one box, including brackets and other necessary equipment.
  • The over shelves are available with flanged feet to fix the benchtop with covers.
  • The over frame is designed with the backing of 3mm reinforced steel coated with zincalume.
  • 2mm thick steel tops.
  • Both single and double tier racks are used to enable top mounting on benches.
Undershelves & Leg Bracing
  • Disk feet with a set of 4 legs
  • Designed using high-quality stainless steel
  • Used to provide a stable base for benches and other appliances.
  • Racks measuring 304 / 1.2mm with 25mm diameter SS 201 legs and 32mm diameter brackets.
  • Four corners are installed with the racks
  • Frames come with legs fixed using nuts and bolts.
  • Related workbenches are available upon request.
Where are these products used?
You can find wall-mounted and over shelves in various places, from restaurants and kitchens to libraries which are mainly used to hold displayed items or simply as a storage unit. If you want to use any extra unused space, consider purchasing a shelf that caters to your needs. Here are a few places where a wall-mounted and over frame can be used.
Office Spaces  These items are appropriate for keeping business files, and you can also easily access the documents. You can also use it for backend management.
Cold Storage – You caneasily preserve the items kept in cold storage with the assistance of our high-tech designer range that has flow-through ventilation, resulting in less condensation. Contact Simco – the leading stainless steel shelves suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in Brisbane.
Commercial Catering/Food Services  Keeping the food items with these appliances' assistance is straightforward. These products are an asset to the kitchen, and you will surely want them.
Hotel Laundry Room  Any extra linens or sheets can be easily held by these shelves.
Retail Stores  These materials can withstand a significant amount of weight. They are frequently used in retail shops due to visual merchandising.
Why Simco?
At our organisation, we immensely value the trust placed by our customers and try to impart reliability in our products. We guarantee that all our products are CE certified and fulfil the market's ecological and standard norms. After all, quality is paramount to us, and there is nothing more crucial.
There are multiple reasons why you should select our company to bring the products to your kitchen today. We have provided a few of the most important ones in the following lines:
2-Year Warranty – The stainless steel shelves we deliver are not just straightforward delivery but also a stamp of quality! This is why we give up to 2 years warranty on all our offerings and make sure that we complement our customers' trust.
Involvement of Experts for High-Quality Design – A lot of research goes behind our products. Our organisation is constantly on the lookout for specialists and experts in the domain to provide you with the latest technology and best quality. 
Multipurpose & Appropriate for Everyone – One of the first things you'll notice on our website is various products to select from in each category. We provided numerous alternatives because we understand that everyone wants products complimenting their needs and our options allow you to do just that. To browse the selections, visit Simco, the leading stainless steel shelves suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in Perth.
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Our Brands
We boast a fulfilling and fruitful relationship with numerous brands and are proud to represent, certify & promote them at every given opportunity. We fulfil your various requirements with top-notch brands like:
  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)
By showcasing these brands, we fulfil our promise of quality and long-standing trust. In addition, we intend to offer you products like a stainless steel shelf that will serve you for years to come. We strive for continued excellence, and our undying passion for getting better makes us unique.
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