Stainless Steel Bench with Sinks

Stainless steel bench with sinks is integral towards boosting your catering business and one of the classic examples of commercial kitchen equipment that is a must for every food establishment. It helps you multitask with washing utensils in the basin and keeping rinsed pans on the bench, all at the same time. You can also commence your cutting or peeling activities on the bench to make this item a complete package. With the increase in competition due to multiple catering organisations bursting onto the scene, this item is essential to start kitchen operations and make the cooking process smooth, straightforward & swift.

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Types of Benches we Offer

Single Sink Bench – When a chef requires the dishes, utensils, and other tools in the commercial kitchen, these premium products with a single sink from Simco come to their rescue. These offerings are a valuable asset for your pantry and are also known as inlet benches or dishwashers. You can remove additional movement around the kitchen and get assistance cleaning your utensils in a corner from these products. You can get these offerings on Simco – the leading stainless steel bench with sinks suppliers in Melbourne.

Double Sink Benches – You can easily enhance the number of dishes to wash with these products, as they come with double sinks. Due to its versatile usage, it is considered a crucial addition to your kitchen. Most kitchens globally use this offering to clean the pots & pans and neatly set them. With these models, you will also get a garbage disposal benefit to eliminate leftover food from your pantry.

Flat Workbench – Multiple industrial segments and industries use this product, which is considered a premium offering. The equipment can be utilised for multiple purposes and comes with a flat top. It is made with the highest quality of steel, enabling it to stay secure from vibrations and rust. The equipment is utilised for numerous purposes and stands on four legs made with tubular stainless steel. For more information, reach out to Simco, the leading quality benches supplier.

Steel Benches with Splashback – Splashback is a type of material employed on surfaces of a product that integrates an adorning touch to your workspace. If your workplace contains excess water, these offerings should be integral to your kitchen. A commercial kitchen needs to spend money on top-class supplies like stainless steel bench with sinks for sale. This item provides a cost-efficient solution and offers accessible upkeep facilities compared to other tilings. Therefore, it is in much demand from suppliers.

Features of a Multipurpose Bench

Budget-Friendly & Cost-Efficient – From high-end to very affordable, Stainless models are suitable for every need, whether you are searching for a luxurious or reasonable option.

Looks Classy & Pretty – The product looks immensely classy and aesthetically appealing, a commendable attribute. It is suitable for a commercial kitchen and has a shiny surface.

Frequently Improved Models – These multipurpose offerings continuously improve and update themselves with the advent of modern technology. The new models come with more robust and thicker 16 and 18-gauge basins that create much less sound than their costly counterparts. Get these items on Simco – one of the foremost stainless steel bench with sinks suppliers in Sydney.

Designed Using Top-Quality Substances – The high-quality benches with sink serve the organisation for a long time and are durable due to the usage of top materials. The used material is perfect for varied uses as it won't crack, chip, stain or fade. If you want the best performance for years with top-notch looks, this item is your best choice.

Comprehensive Catalogue of Choices – You can get our offerings in numerous ranges, enabling you and other kitchen owners to select a model that fulfils their requirements.

Provides Larger Bowl Capacity – This material is light yet strong, converting it into more immense and bottomless vessels than other materials like cast iron.

Rust & Corrosion Proof – Stainless steel benches with sinks are rust-resistant and can be employed anywhere in your pantry, as they are specially designed for commercial kitchens. This product is specially designed for commercial kitchens.

Ability to Survive High Temperatures – As mentioned in the last point, this product is specifically created for commercial kitchens. Therefore, you can place them as per your requirements and put them in areas generating extreme heat without any worries.

Available in Numerous Finishes – This item is readily available in multiple finishes like a matte, satin, mirror, and a brushed finish, making it tempting and regal.

How to Wash & Clean the Product Made from this Substance?

  • Ensure cleaning the stainless steel sink items in the direction of the equipment's finish. Some surfaces could be ruined by scrubbing as they constitute grain or brushed finish.
  • Clean the equipment using a mild detergent and a damp towel. The best and most efficient wiping component for your classy items is a wet bar cloth. However, if you wish to use a scrubbing medium, employ a little water mixed with detergent.
  • You can easily clean the tough oil stains by using baking soda. You can clean tough splashes by developing baking soda and water paste if water and detergent are not working. For more information, visit Simco – the leading stainless steel bench with sinks suppliers in Perth.
  • Acidic components in food items ruin the upper part of the surface. Therefore, clean any spills immediately. Clear the things using a wet cloth.
  • Stains made from your fingers can create marks that don't look good. Therefore, use a glass cleaner to remove fingerprints.
  • Rinse the stainless steel bench with sink properly once you deep clean its surface. Once you wash the device, rinse these refined products using clean water. Once done, clear any soap particles by using a wet towel as they can be hard to remove after a certain period.
  • Water stains on steel risk the finish. Therefore, it is prudent to dry the product as soon as possible.

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Specifications of the Stainless Steel Device

  • Sophisticated equipment with the facility of fabricated sink vessels.
  • Suits 90mm waste due to pre-punched waste hole.
  • Ready for installation and supplied flat packed.
  • 150 mm Splashback height.
  • Diameter and thickness of stainless steel tube legs 41mm and 1.2mm, respectively.
  • Bowls available left, right or centre with size 450mm*450mm*300mm.
  • Standard adaptable stainless steel feet installed.
  • Created to be suitable for dishwasher fitting underneath its surface and available with leg braces with Simco, the leading stainless steel bench with sinks suppliers in Brisbane.
  • 2 mm thick top made of premium material.
  • 3mm thick zincalume coated steel on the worktop.
  • Rear depth between 600mm – 700mm.
  • The product is available with six legs which are 2100mm and 2400mm in length.

Where can you Use These Products?

  • Catering Segment – These items play a crucial role in the catering industry. Stainless steel items with sinks offers multiple benefits. Therefore, these items are prioritised in this segment.
  • Bakery Shops & Other Food Joints – You can effortlessly integrate the sophistication and aesthetically pleasing vibe by including these items in your cuisine joint. Buy stainless steel benches for Sydney by visiting Simco.
  • Old Age Homes – Our classically designed models offer the benefit to senior citizen institutions by keeping the needed products and supplies neatly.
  • Clubs/Pubs/Bars – They serve as holding equipment for food and drinks at such places.

Why Select our services?

We proudly value the trust placed by our clients and try to integrate reliability in our products at our organisation. That is why we ensure that all our offerings are CE certified and follow the market's standard norms related to ecology. After all, there is nothing more paramount to us than quality.

There are multiple reasons why you should select our company to bring the products to your kitchen today. We have provided a few of the most important ones in the following lines:

Product Warranty for Multiple Years - The stainless steel bench with sinks for sale we deliver are not just straightforward delivery but also a stamp of quality! This is why we give up to 2 years warranty on all our offerings and make sure that we complement our customers' trust.

Complete Research Before Commencing Product Creation - A lot of research goes behind our products. Our organisation is constantly on the lookout to discern what we can do better, which is why our products are the best in business.

Products for Every Requirement - One of the first things that you'll notice on our website is a wide assortment of appliances to select from in each category. We provided multiple choices because we understand that everyone needs a product designed to their needs and our options allow you to do just that. To browse the selections, visit Simco, the leading stainless steel bench with sinks distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers in Perth.

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Our Brands

We manage a productive relationship with multiple brands and are proud to represent and vouch for them at every provided opportunity. We have the leading brands at your service for a host of needs like:

  • ATOSA (Refrigeration)
  • COOKRITE (Commercial Gas Equipment)
  • MIXRITE (Stainless steel benches, shelves & sinks)
  • PREPPAL (Planetary Mixers)
  • SimcoHOOD (Exhaust Canopy hoods)

We have featured these brands to fulfil our promise of quality and long-standing assurance, and we intend to offer you products that serve you for years to come. We strive for continued excellence, and our undying passion for getting better is what makes us unique.

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