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Buying Square Glass Cake Display - How to Make the Right Choice?

Do you hear the call of the creamy, and soft pastries and cakes while crossing the patisserie or bakery down the street? If you do, you are not alone! Just the thought of biting through the creamy delight while enjoying the velvety base melting quickly in your mouth is enough to make any cake or pastry lover hungry. While the ‘deliciously charming’ cakes and pastries grab our attention, we often overlook the stage that makes it possible.

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Commercial kitchen sinks – what you should look for?

Small or big, basic or advanced, commercial or residential - the sink plays a crucial role in every kitchen. But when it comes to commercial purposes, the requirements are often unique. Depending on the size of the cooking unit and the volume of food prepared, the requirements for sinks can vary extensively. For example, a compact basin might easily suffice the needs of a home kitchen, but for a full-scale restaurant, a double or a single sink bench is essential.

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Going Digital – Why your foodservice business needs it?

Running a business is always challenging, and when it comes to the food and catering sector – be it a restaurant, a cafeteria, a salad bar or a catering company, the task might be overwhelming. Every business is now going digital to keep up with the changing times. So, do you also need to follow suit? Is it just another difficult addition to your business operations that will make the job even more cumbersome?

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How to find the best supplier for stainless steel benches?

Benches – in different styles and forms – make an essential part of every commercial kitchen. Starting from the flat workbench to the sink counter, they come in unique variations and customizations to serve specific purposes. Like most other equipment, benches in commercial kitchens, are commonly made of stainless steel to ensure the best longevity. A good quality stainless steel counter in any form is always a great addition to your cooking space.

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What is a bain marie? the different types, use and maintenance

Use of unique and often obscure terms is quite common in the foodservice industry. The name Bain Marie which translates to “Mary’s Bath” is one such mystic names that naturally stirs up curiosity. It might sound complicated, but in reality, it is quite a simple piece of equipment commonly used for holding warm foods. What it is and how does it work? We will discuss that in detail in this blog.

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Simco Catering Equipment has a sustainable partnership with renowned Kitchen Equipment manufacturer. These manufacturer provide us a wide range of Refrigerator, Cooktop, Benchtop, Catering Equipment, Sinks and Benches .

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