•   What is a commercial kitchen equipment?
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment is heavy-duty kitchen appliances that is designed to withstand repeated tasks of food preparation procedures. This equipage is most suitable when bulk food orders need to be produced. This equipment could be a gas cooktop, planetary mixer or a refrigerator.
  •   Is a commercial kitchen equipment different from the ones I use in my home kitchen?
  • Yes for sure! The domestic appliances are designed to function at a frequency that is quite low as compared to commercial ones. A domestic cooking/refrigeration unit has a low output according to the number of family members or guests which is occasional. You can not replace commercial catering equipment with domestic ones to run a food business.
  •   How will I know which equipment suit my requirement?
  • You will have to identify your type of catering business according to your choice of menu items. For instance, if your menu items have more bakeries, then you will have to invest in a planetary mixer, gas stove with oven and refrigerated glass displays. But if your menu items have Italian dishes like pizzas and portions of pasta, you will need a pizza prep table along with prep fridges.
  • You will also have to measure the floor space of your cookhouse so that you purchase the equipage that fits perfectly. Our Simco team guides and coaches you about all the details when you reach us for inquiry at  
  •   Can I get the appliance delivered to my doorstep?
  • Yes, you can order the commercial unit delivered at a place of your convenience. Simco delivery experts are seasoned with handling and delivering commercial equipment across all metro and regional areas of Australia.
  •   Do I need a gas supply coming to my area of work if I choose to purchase a commercial appliance?
  • Simco has a variety of equipment that runs on LPG and NG. You will have to make sure your area of work has the supply of Natural Gas if you choose an equipage running for the same. You can contact your local council to clear your doubts.
  •   How much warranty do I enjoy over the commercial appliance?
  • Simco provides the best warranty policies across Australia. Our customers benefit to a great extent as we understand the Australian weather conditions. Simco equipment is designed to brave tough challenges the Australian weather releases. So the warranty period gives a safe cover to the heavy investment of the customer. All gas and electric equipment come with a warranty of 2 years of parts and labour + extra 2 years parts only (when registered online with Simco). We recommend all customers check to read our warranty policies and benefits of the brand of their choice before placing an order with us.
  •   How do I understand the functioning of the commercial catering equipment?
  • All equipment come with brochure and instruction manual. Simco team additionally guides on the operations and handling of the commercial appliance. Many hospitality segments related to education and training in the food business assist how to handle and operate commercial equipage.
  •   How frequently should I get the service of the commercial kitchen equipment done?
  • When you purchase a commercial unit, always ask for the services that initially are free and later on paid. We highly recommend you get the service done regularly and maintain a cleansing chart for your kitchen brigade. Delaying or ignoring maintenance can lead to clogging of food debris and oil, leading to fatal accidents in the commercial kitchen. You can always get guidance on this at  
  •   Which payment methods are available?
  • Many vendors offer flexible methods of payments but make sure you choose secured online payments. You can make your payment through various online methods like credit cards of different segments mentioned on the website of Simco. We also accept bank tranfers.
  •   What if I need delivery in a regional area?
  • We do transfer in regional areas which may take upto 7 days.
  •   Can I see the commercial equipment physically?
  • Yes, Simco has a walk-in showroom for the visitors at 3-9B Forge Street, Blacktown,Sydney NSW 2148.
  •   Are the equipment certified for safe use?
  • All equipment at Simco is manufactured to meet the Australian standards and Safety Guidelines.
  •   How long will the delivery take?
  • If the delivery is to metro areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, it will take 2-3 days. If the delivery is to regional areas then delivery will take up to 7 days.
  •   When will I get the tracking number?
  • Once when you make the payment and the freight is booked, you will receive the tracking number.
  •   I received the product in a damaged condition. What should I do next?
  • You are required to take pictures of the delivered product immediately and send these picture to
  •   How do I track my order?
  • A tracking number is provided with the freight details.
  •   What do I do if I want to cancel my order?
  • If you want to cancel your order, a restocking fee is applicable. You can leave the details with our team over the call. 
  •   Is it possible to send my list of equipment and get quotes on the same?
  • Yes, you can send it to our email:
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