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Simco catering equipment is a company in partnership with other different catering equipment manufacturing companies, provides caterings equipment that relieves professionals’ workload and brings every product/production to an impeccable conclusion. We have a wide range of catering equipment, some of which are: gas cooking equipment, benchtop and catering equipment, refrigerators, steel hood equipment, stainless benches, and other kitchen equipment.

Our preparation equipment, available in different categories, are designed to ease your stress of mixing, baking, etc. All Simco Group can be trusted to deliver every bit of what was promised. 

Food Prep Equipment: these are utensils that are useful in the food making process of making cooking fun, without sweat or bother, and faster.  With the development of new dishes day by day and its technicality, it may take more than a human effort to make an impeccable and inviting dish without tiring out or breaking a neck. Hence the importance of employing the help of a machine.

Commercial food prep equipment

Now, what if this cooking is for a commercial purpose? That makes it more pertinent to allow cooking utensils to help. Not to worry, we have got you covered at Simco catering equipment. We have for sale meal prepping appliances all at pocket-friendly prices.  When it comes to cooking, especially pastries, mixing dough might be a difficult task and will most probably slow down the process of baking, frying, or cooking. Thanks to the innovations of our manufacturers, a commercial baker’s life has been made easy with our all-sufficient heavy-duty planetary mixer.

These days pastry-making has gone beyond personal or individual use. People will prefer to go to a pastry shop to order cakes, doughnuts and the likes than get raw materials to make it because of the stress involved. Therefore, cooking utensils are very crucial for the smooth running of an industrial food company.

What is the best and quality food prep equipment in Australia?

Different commercial food companies are splattered across every corner of the earth today as they ease individuals the burdens of cooking. It is therefore vital to have catering equipment that increases efficiency all-around at one’s beck and call.

Australia is in no way left out of this reality. There are tons of pastry shops, restaurants, hotels that produce pastries for the public’s consumption. So, the question now is, are there any best and quality kitchen equipment in Australia?

Of course, yes! We at Simco group provide you with the best and most quality of commercial kitchen equipment and is readily delivered to your doorstep in less than three working days of order. We have branches in various cities in the country where you can easily pick up your equipment if you would prefer that. There is, therefore, no reason for you to be stranded of help while cooking because support is just a call away in our efficient cooking equipment.

Were you looking for commercial food making utensils in and around Australia? You are in the right place, give us a call today.

The best food preparation equipment in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane

Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth being part of the major cities of Australia and hectic ones at that, there tends to be an influx of high demand for commercial products. Commercial food and pastries, however, is not let out.

Apart from the capacity for nationwide delivery, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are well covered. These locations have a first –hand touch with Simco group. There are first-class, and quality commercial kitchen equipment for sale in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane and are available for pickup or delivery immediately.

How to select the best food prep equipment

With no iota of doubt, we are proud to say we have the best utensils for you at Simco group at very affordable prices. We have them at different ranges and prices. In selecting cooking equipment, here are some factors you should consider:

Capacity: this is majorly about the volume of the machine you seek to buy. If you produce commercial pastries or food in mass, then you should get a heavy-duty planetary mixer that is capable of mixing dough or mixtures at once. Having cooking equipment saves you a whole lot of time and stress. What to look out for is the volume in litres. For the most massive scale of production, the Heavy-duty planetary Mixer 30l is what you should go for. Heavy-duty planetary mixer 30l is capable of mixing thirty (30) litres of dough or mixture at once. For smaller-scale production, the 20 or 10 litres mixer would not be a bad idea.

Horsepower or motor determines, to a large extent, the efficiency and speed of equipment, and it is the same for commercial

Usually, the bigger the horsepower of a machine is, the faster it works or is equivalent to its effectiveness. So also does the motor/horsepower of a food making equipment is equal to its efficacy. Irrespective of the size of a mixer, its strength should be what you trust to deliver or not. At Simco catering equipment, our food making equipment motor is 1/170, 15/1100, and 2/1500, that leaves you with a wide range of alternatives to pick from.

Gross weight: The total weight is another factor to look at. Cooking equipment and a commercial one at that should be something that can be used on any type of surface. Hence, it should be light-weighted.  Our heavy-duty mixers are available in 40, 120 and 190 kilograms (KG).  This allows you the luxury of picking a lightweight and movable one or industrial and situated one.

Best suited: kind of services rendered, or network of customers can also decide what type of a meal making machine to get. A petrol station does not have the same customer capacity with a convenience store, i.e., everyone buys groceries for household usage, not everyone owns a car. This variable, to a large extent, will determine other variables (volume/capacity, horsepower, and gross weight). It must suit the location where its services are needed ideally.  A Heavy-Duty planetary mixer 10l will perfectly suit a petrol station’s use.  For convenience store a supermarket use, Heavy Duty Planetary mixer 20l would be a good fit.

Like we always boast of the durability and reliability of our products at Simco, this is no exemption. Therefore, our Heavy-Duty Planetary Mixers come with a warranty! Delivery nationwide and even abroad is always welcome. Delivery is made within 72 hours of the initial order, yes, it is that fast and efficient.

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