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Stainless steel sinks, benches and shelves

  1. Commercial kitchen sinks – what you should look for?

    Small or big, basic or advanced, commercial or residential - the sink plays a crucial role in every kitchen. But when it comes to commercial purposes, the requirements are often unique. Depending on the size of the cooking unit and the volume of food prepared, the requirements for sinks can vary extensively. For example, a compact basin might easily suffice the needs of a home kitchen, but for a full-scale restaurant, a double or a Continus Reading »

  2. How to find the best supplier for stainless steel benches?

    Benches – in different styles and forms – make an essential part of every commercial kitchen. Starting from the flat workbench to the sink counter, they come in unique variations and customizations to serve specific purposes. Like most other equipment, benches in commercial kitchens, are commonly made of stainless steel to ensure the best longevity. A goo

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  3. How to Choose the Most Useful Flat Stainless Steel Workbench

    The right workspace matters. In a commercial kitchen set up, the space you work on can support your culinary skills or be an obstacle to your art. The right flat workbench ensures that you get a suitable area to deliver your best. If you have decided to buy a stainless steel bench, you are already half way there. There are a few more things to consider and only then  are you ready to buy the most useful piece of equipment for your commercial kitchen. 

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  4. Single sink bench buying tips from the best Australian supplier

    Single Sink Bench Buying Tips from the Best Australian Supplier Buying a single sink bench for your commercial kitchen need not be difficult. To start with a clear idea about your exact requirements and limitations is all you need. To help you in the journey of buying efficient commercial kitchen equipment in your budget here are some essential tips that you should follow before making the purchase. 

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  5. how useful are stainless steel undershelves?

    The most preferred material in commercial kitchens is stainless steel. Counter tables, shelves, undershelves and many such types of utility equipment which are quite popular in busy restaurants are manufactured in food grade steel material. Many heavy-duty appliances like gas stoves with ovens of deep freezers are also preferred in stainless steel.

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  6. How to select commercial shelving units – Restaurant shelving guide

    Proper storage is essential in every restaurant as it directly affects the efficiency of the kitchen staff. The use of commercial shelving units is an intelligent way to arrange the workspace and it works great for kitchens of every size. If your kitchen size is small or medium, the Wall Mounted and Over Shelves can come handy to improve the stor

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  7. Get all your answers on Stainless Steel Sinks

    The hospitality industry is highly consuming and demanding. With the onset of dining out cultures in countries like Australia, cookhouses of small, medium and large size are growing multifold.

    The stakes of the restaurant business are high in terms of details, planning, investment and time. Complying to Australian Standards of Health Code and acquiring licenses and permits is a daunting task. One has to undertake crucial planni

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  8. All you wanted to know about Shelves, Sinks and Benches in a commercial kitchen

    When it comes to a piece of commercial kitchen equipment, they play a lead role in the smooth functioning of the back end of your food business. If you ever have had the opportunity to just take a stroll in such a place, you will notice a large number of stainless steel types of equipage stationed there. Some of these belong to a category that helps in organising your kitchen. It can be agonising for the chef if the kitchen he works in does not have the right type

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